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Purple Dragon Resto Mobile App

july-november. 2021

designed for. Hong Kong Restaurant/Bar/Lounge

my role. Project Manager/UX Designer

synopsis. A mobile app created to provide patrons an efficient and effective way to select and reserve tables, pre-order as well as delivery.


target audience.  HK locals, tourists, ages 21-50. 

key challenges. Determining a way to build a product that meets the needs of two totally different users, since locals won't need the same type of guidance as a tourist.

iPhone 11 Pro Max Mockup1_edited.png
the product: 

Purple Dragon Resto, located in the Central district of Hong Kong, is a fusion Cantonese and Italian restaurant. PDR has a wide range of offerings from both Eastern and Western cuisines, blending its geographical and historical conception. 


Purple Dragon Resto caters to a diverse group of customers, being located in a mixed use business and tourist district. Having such a prime location affords PDR the opportunity to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, while offering delivery and preorder services.  

project timeline

Who's problem are we helping to solve?

Case Study, Purple Dragon Resto (1).jpg
Case Study, Purple Dragon Resto.jpg
Case Study, Purple Dragon Resto (2).jpg
Case Study, Purple Dragon Resto (3).jpg


Table selection.jpg
Seat map.jpg
Preorder menu.jpg
preorder item details.jpg
Preorder reservation details.jpg
Preorder confirmation.jpg

user testing

Usability Study Presentation #2.jpg
Usability Study Presentation #2 (1).jpg


iPhone 11 Pro Max Mockup2_edited.png
iPhone 11 Pro Max Mockup_edited.jpg
iPhone 11 Pro Max Mockup1_edited.jpg
iPhone 11 Pro Max Mockup3_edited.png

In conclusion

The PDR mobile app brought a few things to my attention, primarily, UX is a never ending job. Having the opportunity to create and mold a product that can satisfy the needs of a business and provide a fun and memorable experience for the user, is quite fulfilling. The user testing with such a diverse group of users ultimately guided this project in the right direction. 

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