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Responsive Website/Mobile App

october. 2021

designed for. Seattle based drone logistics company


my role. Project Manager/UX Designer


synopsis. Responsive website developed to expedite shipment process times. Step by step system is user friendly and accessible.


target audience. business owners of varying ages, restaurants, e-commerce, port/ship yard, parts merchants

key challenges. Developing a fast track system so that customers aren't overwhelmed with process. Including ways to coordinate with USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL. 



the product


Dronelivery responsive website and mobile app were both designed with the business owner and parcel recipient in mind. A fast track system was created to guide the user step by step through the shipment process, so less time is spent waiting in line at the post office. The goal is to have our users send or receive an item with zero frustration. 

Based in the Seattle area, Dronelivery can pick up and drop off items weighing under 30lbs meanwhile making same day and door to door possibilities available where they haven't been before. 

MacBook Pro 14_ - 1.jpg
Desktop - 4.jpg
project timeline



Persona Darlene Drone delivery .jpg
Personas, Drone delivery Jack .jpg
Desktop - 6.jpg
Empathy maps Drone delivery .jpg
Empathy maps Drone delivery  (2).jpg
Empathy maps Drone delivery  (1).jpg
user thoughts and comments

App_send a parcel.jpg
Parcel details.jpg
App_parcel details.jpg
user testing

Untitled presentation.jpg
Screen Shot 2021-12-27 at 12.31_edited.jpg

iMac Pro Front View Mockup1.png

iPhone 11 Pro Max Mockupdroneapp3_edited.png
iMac Pro Front View Mockup2.png
iPhone 11 Pro Max Mockupdronemap_edited.png

In conclusion

Designing and conceptualizing the Dronelivery website and app, allowed me the chance to reimagine a somewhat overlooked and necessary utility in our modern society. The research of other startups and established brands helped realize how great a task this truly is, from FAA certification to the overall capability of the drone. Further development could take place so that those who live in rural areas can receive post mail and groceries via Dronelivery. 

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